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  • PRO窶「A Families Facing Addiction Webinar

    This is a webinar focused on providing an overview of families dealing with a loved one with a substance use disorder. Attendees will learn to: Identify roles within a Functional Family The disruption of Homeostasis when addiction enters the family The roles within a Dysfunctional Family and the importance of maintaining self-care The difference between … Read More

  • Our Lives Matter Memorial Quilt Project Webinar

    This webinar provides a description of the “Our Lives matter” quilt project. Through this project, we are working to memorialize those we have lost to substance use disorders while working together to end Stigma and change the conversation about substance use disorders. The webinar includes a how-to on making panels, where to send your completed … Read More

  • Trauma Informed Recovery & Care It’s Benefits When Working With Those Dealing with Addiction

    To help participants gain insight into the Trauma Informed Care Approach and develop a better understanding of the benefits of the Trauma Informed Care Approach in addiction/recovery including the differences and similarities of what it means to be in Recovery from Addiction as well as Recovery from Trauma will be reviewed. Participants will also learn … Read More

  • PRO A Leadership Series Webinar DA HC Policy Training

    This webinar is a part of the PRO.A Leadership Training Series. This webinar will provide an overview of PA Act 106 of 1989, the Mental Health Parity & Addiction Equity Act of 2008 and the Affordable Care Act of 2010. It is intended that individuals will gain an understanding of how these laws work together, … Read More

  • Workforce webinar from 9/30/15

    State of the Drug and Alcohol Workforce Handout Workforce Webinar, Resources Overview of PRO-A CRS Surveyツ Overview of PRO-A Counselor Surveyツ DDAP LICENSING ALERT 02-15 Staff Qualificationsツツ DDAP LICENSING ALERT 01-15 Supv of Couns Asst Workforce-Timelineツ

  • Organizations Working Together Webinar

    Welcome to the Pennsylvania Recovery Organizations Alliance窶冱 webinar on Organizations Working Together. PRO-A窶冱 mission is to mobilize, educate and advocate, to eliminate the stigma and discrimination toward those affected by alcoholism and other drug addiction to ensure hope, health and justice for individuals, families and those in recovery.

  • Basics of Addiction and Recovery Webinar

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