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PRO.A / JOBS Elwyn; Delaware County, Program Specialist Pod 12

Elwyn; Delaware County, Program Specialist Pod 12

Post Date: 09/17/17
Type of Position: Clinical
Title:ツProgram Specialist Pod 12
Qualifications:ツAssociate’s Degree from an accredited college or university or 60 credit hours AND 4 years of experience working directly with persons with intellectual disabilities ORツBachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university AND 2 years of experience working directly with individuals with intellectual disabilities ORツMaster’s Degree from an accredited college or university and 1 year experience working with individuals with intellectual disabilities

  • Experience with Microsoft Word and Excel computer programs preferred
  • At least one year of supervisory experience preferred
  • Ability to communicate effectively both in writing and verbally
  • Ability to request, accept and utilize feedback and training appropriately
  • Ability to independently problem-solve

Description:ツThe Program Specialist is responsible for ensuring that the services provided in the CRS program adhere to applicable regulations and that the services which are provided meet the needs of the individuals and are provided according to the Individual Support Plan. The Program Specialist will complete required documentation, assess individual needs, coordinate and secure services, train and supervise staff and individuals, attend and lead meetings, communicate effectively with all team members, and ensure continuous development and monitoring of programming and services to people on his or her caseload.


CONTACTS: Funding agencies, monitoring agencies, consumers, families, providers, representatives for community resource agencies, Social Security Administration, medical professionals, Elwyn employees.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS/WORKING CONDITIONS: (See also Physical Demands Checklist) Ability to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) according to nationally accepted standards

HAZARDS: Occasional exposure to minor hazards. See attached Physical Demands Checklist.


  • Follow all corporate and program policies, procedures and protocols, and to implement, coordinate, locate, and monitor services to identified individuals supported
  • Complete a full assessment sixty (60) days after admission and annually, within 365 days of admission to the residence thereafter and that the following components are included in the assessment:
    • functional strengths and needs
    • likes, dislikes, interests
    • level of performance and progress in functional skills
    • personal adjustment with peers, community, staff
    • meeting personal needs activities (eating, hygiene, etc)
    • supervision needs at home and in the community
    • self-administration of medications
    • use of poisonous materials
    • danger of heat sources
    • ability to evacuate in a fire
    • functional, medical disabilities
    • lifetime medical history
    • most recent psychological/psychiatric evaluation
    • recommended trainings, programming, services
  • progress and growth in the areas of
    • health
    • motor and communication
    • residential living
    • personal adjustment
    • socialization
    • recreation
    • financial independence
    • managing property
    • integration into the community
    • water safety, including swimming ability
    • Update the assessment with any and all changes for the individual (i.e., lengthy illness keeps them out of day program; broken hand, etc.) and information of same submitted to the
    • Plan Lead (Supports Coordinator), if any, as well as other team members

Ensure that a copy of the assessment is sent to all team members with a cover letter; keep copy in the record for verification

Ensure that an accurate Social Emotional Environmental Needs Plan (SEEP) is created for each individual who received psychotropic medications, who has a diagnosis of mental health disorder, or who otherwise is in need of a plan of support. The SEEP must include a written protocol to address the needs of an individual with a diagnosed psychiatric illness. The plan must identify the supports, services and actions needed to adequately address the target behavior triggers of the individual’s diagnosed psychiatric illness successfully managed by psychotropic medication. SEEP should address any specific supports or services an individual needs in order to successfully manage his/her symptoms and participate in daily activities as part of everyday life.

Ensure that Form DP 1032 (or any update as directed by ODP), the ISP Signature Page, is secured at each ISP meeting and a copy secured in the individual’s chart.

Ensure that the form DP 1050 is initiated for individuals and updated according to need and appropriately shared with the team.

Be familiar with and process any other forms/changed forms/assessments and/or processes in relation to Program Specialist work as specified for people Elwyn supports.

Ensure that the information in the ISP is accurate and reflects the services and supports provided

The PS must keep documentation of all communication with the Plan Lead (SC) regarding changes that must be made to the ISP, including changes to outcomes based on a need or revision to the assessment and that the ISP is implemented as written.

Ensure that all services/supports provided relative to ISP outcomes are reviewed at least every 3 months with the individual, that the ISP includes community involvement with peers without disabilities, that, if the consumer stays home during the day, there is documentation that; that the consumer’s physician has documented medical necessity for the consumer to stay home during the day OR the team has determined it is to the best interest of the individual to stay home and for the agency to provide day programming at the home.

If the Program Specialist is the Plan Lead (the consumer has no SC, i.e. comes from out of State or is private pay), send the invitation letter to all team members 30 days prior to the meeting; write the ISP on the proper ISP format within 90 days of new admission; submit the ISP with a cover letter to all team members within 30 days after the ISP meeting was held.

Orient the individual; ensure fire safety training is in compliance; ensure medical appointments are scheduled, attended, and documented appropriately;

Maintain an up to date training record of having received required trainings per regulations, inclusive of fire safety training, first aid, CPR, and Heimlich.

Develop Outcomes for individuals based on appropriate assessments and to train all staff in the implementation of Outcomes.

Complete a monthly review, a quarterly review, and any necessary update, reflecting change of need an individual may have and ensure that the need is being met by the team.

Supervise the staff persons identified for the primary responsibility of medical appointments coordination in order to ensure medical and healthcare is provided to individuals according to individuals’ need.

Complete any other assigned duties

Elwyn is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation and identity, gender identity, national origin, citizenship status, genetic information, disability status, military or veteran status, marital or family status, political activities or affiliations, or any other characteristic protected by local, state, and federal law.

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