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PRO.A / NEWS PA Hope Caucus Round-Table Discussion

PA Hope Caucus Round-Table Discussion

PRO窶「A, along with Dr. Rachel Levine, Physician General, PA Department of Health; Laura Conrad, Deputy Secretary, Legislative Affairs, PA Department of Drugs & Alcohol (DDAP); Susan Shanaman, Esq., Legal Counsel, PA Coroners Association; Deb Beck, President, Drug & Alcohol Service Providers Organization of PA; Kristen Varner, Director of Training & Advocacy and Denise Holden, CEO, RASE Project; and Donald Holman, Parent Advocate, were invited to testify for the HOPE Caucus on May 24.

As part of PRO窶「A’s testimony, we presented information to support the growing need to address the state of our care system for young persons in need of recovery and adolescent services and resources to address the trends of substance use conditions in the adolescent on young person population:

PRO窶「A has deep concerns about the state of our care system for our young people, including the state of our acute-care-adolescent-treatment system and the lack of extended supports we have for our young people following acute care.

We have shuttered and closed the vast majority of our adolescent residential programs over the course of the last decade or so. We are hearing that we are down to 2 publicly funded adolescent residential treatment facilities in Pennsylvania, down from around 20 a few years back.

And as a result, we are seeking a Hearing in the General Assembly to examine our adolescent drug and alcohol care system and the loss of nearly all of our adolescent residential treatment centers in Pennsylvania. The hearing would also explore how recovery support services such as recovery high schools, recovery community centers, drug and alcohol peer support services and collegiate recovery programs can be important elements in the recovery process for our young people.

PRO窶「A Hope Caucus Testimony

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