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PRO.A / JOBS RASE Project , Lancaster; PRN Buprenorphine Coordinator

RASE Project , Lancaster; PRN Buprenorphine Coordinator

Type of Position: Peer-Services
Post Date: 06/14/17
Title: PRN Buprenorphine Coordinator – Lancaster County
Qualifications: Minimum Requirements include, but are not limited to: Bachelor窶冱 Degree from an accredited college (suitable individuals enrolled in studies pursuing a Bachelor窶冱 Degree with two or more years of experience in the field could be acceptable) and a minimum of two years uninterrupted recovery. Recovering individuals must be actively involved with a recovery program (12-step, Faith Based, SMART Recovery, etc.), attending meetings weekly, working with a sponsor or mentor, demonstrating levels of improved balance in their lives, ability to establish healthy boundaries, serenity, etc.
Description: We窶决e looking for an as needed Buprenorphine Coordinator. Work includes oversight of program development, outreach and education; care monitoring of member participants; referral to necessary ancillary services; and other duties as assigned. The coordinator in this program will serve as a liaison with network and provider agencies, community groups, other social service agencies, and governmental entities to ensure effective operation of the project.