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PRO.A / NEWS Recovery Works! Recovery and Resiliency Grant Initiative Final Report and Recommendations

Recovery Works! Recovery and Resiliency Grant Initiative Final Report and Recommendations

Recovery Works Summit 2016Recovery Works Final Report – Executive Summary

This grant provided a unique opportunity for our respective recovery communities to partner on, work together towards and develop this proposal together. We have been able to expand opportunities for recovering people while learning about each other, sharing assets and working towards our main objective, the first ever statewide conference bringing together our communities for the recovery works! Summit in Harrisburg, PA.

We continued to develop connectivity with prospective partnering agencies and institutions through the entire grant process. Over the course of the proposal, we pulled together a large group of partnering organizations, sponsors, exhibitors and attendees for our historic Recovery works! Summit. Our speakers at the summit include representatives from the mental health and substance use recovery community, recovery community organizations, state and county government policy makers, treatment and family groups. We had made significant effort as we prepared for and organized the summit to collect, examine and share our survey results with stakeholder groups, while actively listening to input and feedback from all engaged parties. We then used our process to share with our respective board and recovery and our resiliency grant advisory committee to include their perspectives on the results and what they mean. We shared the survey results with our respective Departments and listened to their perspectives on what we had found. Through a very thorough preparation process, we worked to develop themes in preparation for the summit.

The summit exceeded all goals we had set as for it, in attendance, participation and involvement. We had 59 Exhibitors in 36 Exhibitor Booths, we had 71 Organization Representatives and 120 People who self-identified as in Recovery. At the summit, listened to attendee and speaker reactions to our survey and the summit content for common themes that occurred from the event. We then used these themes to develop a more rigorous understanding of the common areas of focus for our statewide advocacy plan. This final report includes key documents developed through the grant process as we moved through the year to understand the opportunities and barriers and key areas to focus on.

You can read the full final report and recommendations here.sponsored-by