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PRO.A / JOBS RHD, Bryn Mawr; ADL Counselor

RHD, Bryn Mawr; ADL Counselor

Post Date: 06/19/17
Type of Position: Clinical
Title:Β ADL Counselor

Education: HS/GED applicants accepted.Β  Associates degree (degree in psychology, sociology, counseling, social work, education preferred.

Must have valid driver’s license.

β€’ Previous experience working in a residential facility or mental health setting is preferred.

β€’ Experience in a mental health or substance abuse advocate preferred. Have a solid understanding of the recovery process

β€’ Working knowledge of the Addictions, Motivational Interviewing and resiliency/recovery model

β€’ Group/Ind counseling/support/therapy experience.

β€’ Knowledge of recovery principles and tools, such as wellness recovery action plans. a) Ability to communicate effectively, both written and verbal b) Ability to represent strengths and needs of consumers in clinical settings c) Ability to summarize and document findings in treatment plans

Experience: 1-3 years

Description:Β This is a fast paced, community based position geared toward helping residents engage in the recovery process and become a part of their community. The Renaissance program is an adult (co-ed) residence supporting individuals with co-occurring/dually diagnosed substance abuse and mental health issue. ADL specialist promotes independence and encourages autonomy for all Renaissance program residents through appropriate supervision of implementation of developed goals and will demonstrate the ability to purposefully manage and use the structured environment as an instrument for treatment in promoting desired behaviors, encouraging a sense of responsibility and self-control, and fostering optimal functioning in activities of daily living and interpersonal interactions.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

β€’ Resident Chores/House Maintenance

β€’ Support residents in maintaining the physical environment by monitoring and

β€’ assisting their household/apartment chores.

β€’ Support residents in completing their household tasks (ie; cleaning, cooking, etc.)

β€’ Support residents in maintaining/completing daily routines and schedule.

β€’ Assist, monitor and provide education in meal planning, food inventory, the creation of a grocery shopping list, and grocery shopping.

β€’ Assist residents in scheduling medical appointments and follow-up on medical recommendations. Support and coaching (if needed) to individuals to have and effectively use a personal primary care physician, dentist, and other medical specialists as required.

β€’ Assist residents in securing prescriptions.

β€’ Monitor the resident’s self-administration of all medication and log in medication log.

β€’ Read daily communication log and document in log at the end of each shift.

β€’ Document daily Shift notes/Progress notes. Document individual contacts, facilitated groups, and any other significant resident contact.

β€’ Teach money-management skills (budgeting and paying bills) and coach individual in accessing financial services (e.g., professional financial counseling, emergency loan services).

β€’ Demonstrates ability to provide oversight and direction of services, which foster quality customer and community services.

β€’ Supervises, plans, and coordinates the implementation of goals and activities that strategically address the needs of the consumer. These services will be designed to meet specific Recovery needs based on individualized goal plans.

β€’ Demonstrates the ability to structure the physical and social environment so that every interaction and activity within the treatment program promotes positive goal-directed responses and/or social interactions from the client and facilitates the motivational approach.

β€’ Inventory each resident’s possessions upon admission and discharge.

β€’ Collect and document collection of residents’ urine samples as assigned.

β€’ All other duties identified by Asst. Director/Prog. Director.

β€’ Maintain all personnel requirements of RHD and PA State Regulations

Contact Information: To apply clickΒ HERE.