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PRO.A / JOBS The Wright Center, Jermyn -PA; Certified Recovery Specialist

The Wright Center, Jermyn -PA; Certified Recovery Specialist

Post Date: 12/5/17
Type of Position: Peer-Services
Title:ツCertified Recovery Specialist
Qualifications:ツThis position requires the applicant to be an individual with a minimum of five years in recovery from addiction to alcohol or other drugs with a strong recovery program and system of natural supports.

  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Current Certified Recovery Specialist credential required.
  • Understanding of the sensitivity to alcohol and other drug use and the recovery process.
  • Understands and supports a trauma informed system of care.
  • Valid PA driver窶冱 license
  • Basic computer skills and familiarity with Microsoft products.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Solid organizational skills.
  • Self-directed and flexible to meet the needs of the clients.
  • Ability to secure Act 33 and 34 clearances.
  • Ability to support the agency窶冱 mission and philosophy, and demonstrate sensitivity to cultural diversity and workplace harmony.
  • Value for and ability to deliver excellent customer service.
  • Ability to work nontraditional hours to meet client窶冱 needs.

Description: The Certified Recovery Specialist provides on-going recovery support/coaching to high-risk patients struggling with substance use disorders. The Certified Recovery Specialist assists patients with developing their own system of natural supports. The key to the Certified Recovery Specialist窶冱 work is forming healthy growth-producing relationships by sharing their lived experience with addiction and success in overcoming barriers, and engaging and motivating patients to responsible action.


Provide on-going recovery support services to patients who are in active addiction or early recovery and may struggle with co-occurring disorders. す Work with patients to develop a service plan that is based on concrete, measurable, realistic goals and monitor their service plan on a regular basis. す Assist patients to identify their specific needs and work with them to identify and access resources in the community to meet those needs. す Support patients in identifying and building upon their strengths. す Models and supports patients and staff in health and wellness activities and with using healthy coping skills. す Encourage and support patients in accessing and remaining engaged in AOD/Co-occurring/Mental Health treatment. す Maintain regular contact with the various treatment providers to monitor the patients窶 progress. す Model for patients how to begin and/or continue in a recovery program they choose such as 12-step, faith-based or an alternative of their choice; how to choose a sponsor; how to choose a 窶徂ome group窶 if appropriate; and to develop and utilize a support group. す May accompany patients for treatment visits, health and human service appointments, court appearances, recovery support and any other supportive services based on the patients窶 status and individualized needs. す Participate in assigned team meetings and/or consultations as requested. す Participate in assigned and /or appropriate outreach activities to further the program. す Provide all assigned paperwork, completed, accurate and on time. す Participate in assigned meetings, staff development and required trainings. す Communicate barriers and concerns regarding patients to the Director of Behavior Health. す Will be required to communicate with patients for support after hours via cell phone.


Other duties as assigned

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