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Who we are:

The Pennsylvania Recovery Organizations ツAlliance (PRO窶「A) is the statewide non-profit, 501(c)(3) grassroots advocacy organization dedicated to supporting individuals in recovery and educating the public on addiction and recovery. PRO窶「A provides no direct treatment or recovery support services, which uniquely qualifies PRO窶「A to carry out our mission statewide, free from real or perceived role conflicts in relation to our drug and alcohol service delivery system.

Our vision:

A strong statewide network of those concerned about addiction and committed to recovery, recovery community organizations, advocacy groups, family groups, drug and alcohol service system entities united in common purpose.

Our Mission:

To mobilize, educate and advocate to eliminate the stigma and discrimination toward those affected by alcohol and other substance use conditions; to ensure hope, health and justice for individuals, families and those in recovery.

Our History:

PRO窶「A was created in 1998 out of a need for a statewide volunteer-driven advocacy program dedicated to representing the authentic voice of the Recovery Community. A steering committee consisting of recovering individuals, family members and other strong supporters of recovery gave birth to the statewide organization. It included all segments of the Recovery Community and a coordinated effort with other recovery organizations, and agencies in the formal treatment system that shared a common focus and goal: the promotion of recovery and the inclusion of recovering individuals in state and local decision-making processes. In 2014, PRO窶「A was awarded a federal grant to further strengthen recovery efforts and communities across Pennsylvania.

Organizing Principles:

We are committed to developing a strong statewide network of diverse recovery community organizations.ツ To achieve this, we are moving away from our previous work of organizing through regional alliances and taking a more 窶彷lattened窶 approach to work directly with recovery community organizations throughout the state.

Through our statewide alliance we endeavor to:

  • Seek the widespread inclusion of recovering persons, family members, recovery advocates and other community supporters to carry out our vision.
  • Do so with the authentic voice of persons with lived experience with addiction and recovery.
  • Build a network of communication and support to strengthen capacity of new and existing RCOs.
  • Seek direct involvement of these entities in urban, suburban and rural communities across our state.
  • Follow our mission with integrity and singleness of purpose.
  • Recognize the inherent dignity of all persons, and remain dedicated to the premise that all persons with lived experience with addiction should be treated fairly and with 窶忖nconditional窶 respect.

We believe that:

  • All persons with lived experience with recovery and their advocates are welcomed and encouraged to participate with PRO窶「A, without regard to membership or affiliation with any other RCO.
  • Collaboration within our Alliance and those who support our work is key to furthering our common purpose.
  • We need to continue to strive for a better drug and alcohol service system that functions with integrity and with recovery as its focal point.
  • Polices and systems that address addiction and recovery must be developed with representation from our community.
  • We are stronger together than the sum of our parts.






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