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PRO-A was established in 1998 to give a voice and focal point to the statewide recovery community in Pennsylvania.



Happy-Thanksgiving-Banner-Clip-Art-1Recovery Though the Holidays

The stress of the holidays can be particularly difficult for those new in recovery who have not developed strong supports and coping skills. Our memories of Holidays past may not be the best and our families can be complicated.

While it can be hard to see our way straight through this pain, it is possible to walk through it.

Those of us in long term recovery can make all the difference in the lives of persons new to recovery as they learn how to cope with feelings in recovery. ツThink back to your first Holiday in recovery and be there for another person in recovery!

No matter what – be kind to yourself this holiday season, give yourself credit for the positive changes you窶况e made, and surround yourself with the people you窶况e encountered in your journey who love you for who you are today.

Here are somethings you can do to celebrate who you are and what you do have in your life today:

  • Spend time with people new in recoveryTHANKFUL
  • Find a recovery community organization near you and spendツsome fellowship time with other people in recovery.
  • Write a gratitude list
  • Open your home to others who have no place to go and have a game night after eating
  • Volunteer somewhere serving food to the homeless, sorting Christmas packages or food for needy families, or sharing your story of recovery in a treatment facility
  • Gather a group of people to sing Christmas carols at an elderly home
  • MaGratitude11il letters to deployed military personnel or to individuals who are incarcerated
  • Share a story of gratitude of how someone has touched your life, or how your recovery has allowed you to touch other窶冱 lives on social media or on our community forum at and tell the person thank you or pay it forward.

Remember that no one should have to feel alone in their recovery, let someone know if you are hurting and ask for help.

Mission: To mobilize, educate and advocate to eliminate the stigma and discrimination toward those affected by alcoholism and other drug addiction to ensure hope, health and justice for individuals, families and those in recovery.

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